30 Days of September – A Photo Challenge

The photograph I clicked on Day 19 of myself lying in a dark room on a bed. I'm illuminated by fairy lights.

Last month, a friend came across a blog that suggested an interesting photo challenge for each day of August. However, she discovered it too late into the month. We decided to do it for the month of September instead.

A week into September, I realised I was the only one to take up the photo challenge and initial embarrassment at this discovery gave in to actual enthusiasm and interest in the project.

September has been a trying month in a lot of different ways for me, as it was to be my last month in Brisbane before I left for a three-month long vacation to India. Things to do, people to meet, plans to make, sights to see – each day was filled with an overdose of activity. It goes without saying that I spent most of this month being physically and mentally exhausted.

A photograph I clicked on Day 13 of a lonely road with a schoolboy walking down the middle

While I’m unsure if I’ll take up another photo challenge again or if my camera/photo-editing skills improved during the duration, I cherish this particular project.

Taking a little time out each day to work on this by myself was more a pleasure than a challenge and while my husband helped me with some of the tricky ones, it has been mostly myself working in a zone of my own. Below is a list of links to photographs I clicked each day in the month of September. Enjoy!

Day 1: Self-portrait – In which I click a honest photo.

Day 2: What you wore – In which I channel Ramona Flowers (each Friday. Religiously).

Day 3: Clouds – In which I photograph them badass Super Hornets as well.

Day 4: Favourite colour – n which I reveal my shameless obsessions and hoarding skills.

Day 5: Someone you love – In which I relate my strange ideas about ‘love’ (was a very difficult one to portray).

Day 6: A childhood memory – In which you also get to see a very ornery child.

Day 7: Something new – In which I hope my photograph also helps brighten a sad & tragic day in some small way. Peace.

Day 8: Technology – In which I also reminisce about those cool tattoo artists you see around church fairs in and around Bombay.

Day 9: A faceless self-portrait – In which I go all IMHO (for something not involving my face, it sure took a long time to get right!).

Day 10: Something you made – In which I introduce you to a dodgy superhero *aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa*

Day 11: Something fun – In which I show you a proper Australian fun fair (warning – require sunglasses to view).

Day 12: A close-up – In which I show you a part of my body I have come to accept and appreciate.

Day 13: From a distance – In which I get lucky.

Day 14: Flowers – In which I capture some luscious-looking robbers. Yay me!

Day 15: My shoes – In which I preen and play with my lovelies & some paints.

Day 16: What you ate – In which I hail the German Club and all things meaty *lick slurp hic*

Day 17: On my shelf – In which I get a bit teary as I show off.

Day 18: In my bag – In which I show just how dreadfully mundane and ordinary I can get *yawn*

Day 19: Where you slept – In which I aim for something sensual and quirky (an odd combination, I know).

Day 20: What you read – In which I reveal just how much of a dilettante I am when it comes to books.

Day 21: A pretty pattern – In which I drape myself in a *blush cough* saree!

Day 22: Trees – In which death emphasizes itself.

Day 23: Sunset – In which I witness a much-loved sight that feels like a great consolation for a lousy day.

Day 24: Smile – In which the alluring & luscious Bhawika Bawa shall make your pulse race. In an LBD. ;-)

Day 25: Sunflare – In which I also capture the house that caught fire last week. Morbidly glorious.

Day 26: Something old – In which I wonder about my mum’s teenage days…

Day 27: After dark – In which the night surprises me with its abundance of contradictions.

Day 28: Daily routine – In which I reveal just how much of a (yawn) good little girl I am.

Day 29: Purchased – In which I show off lovely new dress. Again.

Day 30: Motion – In which I capture the most marvellous human invention (no, not waffles) ever!

You can view the entire series in my 30 Days of September photo set on Flickr.

About Ree

I am Reena. I write. Web content, on blogs, other people's books, my diaries, old notebooks, and other places I would love to tell you but would rather leave to you to discover.

2 responses to “30 Days of September – A Photo Challenge

  1. It has been a journey for all of us in tune with your project to see you become more aware of your surroundings and appreciate the almost-perfect life you live. I missed seeing more of you in there, I wish more self-portraits surfaced in the process.

    But I will say this, you did me proud!

  2. Awesome stuff Girl!! Glad i had company during the tag :)

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A.k.a. Reena

I am Reena.

Among but above everything else, I write. Web content, on blogs, other people's books, my diaries, old notebooks, and other places I would love to tell you about but would rather leave to you to discover.

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